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Writing a physics report Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Composing a material science report - Essay Example The quickening of the article is legitimately corresponding to the net power following up on it while contrarily relative to the mass of the item. The speeding up of the article increments with increment in the power applied upon it while an expansion in the mass of the item causes an abatement in the increasing speed. Any article moving in a bended way encounters quickened movement which requires a net power coordinated towards the focal point of the movement. Articles moving in a roundabout way experience increasing speed because of the continually evolving speed. The speeding up is brought about by a power that is coordinated towards the focal point of the movement called centripetal power or â€Å"the focus seeking† power. Centripetal power keeps the movement of an article in a round way as it will in general draw towards the focal point of the roundabout movement. Without the centripetal power, the items would keep moving in an orderly fashion movement. The spring was evacuated and the mass set to hand unreservedly and the mechanical assembly acclimated to set the span of the hover to be utilized. The mass was made to hand straightforwardly over the marker bar to guarantee a consistent span of the circle. The spring was joined to the mass and the weight holder was appended to the opposite side of the mass with the string disregarding the pulley. The power the spring applies on the mass was dictated by adding masses to the weight holder until the mass was at its balance position, focused over the marker bar. The association with the weight holder was expelled and the mass turned at a consistent speed until it was kept focused over the pointer pole. The spring power while pivoting the mass focused over the pointer pole was resolved and recorded. Estimations of the timeframe of pivot were made by utilizing the attractive sensor lined up with little magnet mounted on the focal pole. The clock run time was set to 30 seconds for it to record 10-20 pivots. Occasional time T was determined as follows T= (last

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Lucy Darby practice Essay Example

Lucy Darby practice Essay Willy reviews his children young years as an unspoiled past. What proof is there to show that the past isn't as pure as Willy envisions it to be? Willy Loman is a confounded character who is trying to claim ignorance about his past, present and future. He envisions his past as a charming time, went through with his promising adolescent children Biff and Happy. Biff as a little youngster was consistently Willys most loved child, made clear to everybody around him. Biff is seen by Willy as the brilliant kid, extraordinary at sport, a promising spot at a top college and the capacity to make young ladies tumble to their knees with one look. Be that as it may, Willy can not appear to perceive that Biff is incredibly sluggish scholastically and just thinks about his own prosperity. Willy: Like a youthful Hercules-something to that effect Willy is resolved that Biff has a brilliant future in front of himself with a safe spot at the University of Virginia. However by and by Willy dismisses the way that Biff is bombing math and won't get a spot t the University except if he radically changes his unfortunate propensities which is continually reminded by Bernard who is taunted as a young person by Biff and Wily yet who proceeds to be a fruitful attorney. We will compose a custom exposition test on Lucy Darby practice explicitly for you for just $16.38 $13.9/page Request now We will compose a custom paper test on Lucy Darby practice explicitly for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Recruit Writer We will compose a custom paper test on Lucy Darby practice explicitly for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Recruit Writer Going to contend a case before the Supreme Court Biff is narrow minded as a youngster; his lone spotlight is on young ladies, vehicles and game even with Willys dream pushing him forward. Willy can not comprehend as Biff gets more established why he has not accomplished anything out of life, when as a young person he had such a prosperous future. Willy can not get a handle on the way that the time has come to relinquish the fantasy he so urgently sticks on to for Biff. Willy: I see extraordinary things for you kids, I think your difficulties are finished. Willys unreasonable desires additionally influence Happy as a youngster and in later life. Life has never been unspoiled for the Lomans as nothing has at any point been adequate and each character is continually endeavoring fro more throughout everyday life, regardless of whether it is more cash or more opportunity. Upbeat feels he can't satisfy his more seasoned sibling Biff and along these lines is continually attempting to intrigue his dad with series of untruths. Willy is unequipped for perceiving Happys disregard as a young person and presumes he had an upbeat adolescence. Nonetheless, Happy compensates for his absence of self-assurance by making himself accessible to everybody and anybody. The more hazardous and consideration chasing, the better. He has no appropriate activity other than a partner to an associate purchaser in spite of the fact that he depicts himself as a man high up the social stepping stool. Cheerful: Why dont you bring her, pardon me, miss, do you mind. I sell champagne Happy will do and say anything to cause himself look and to feel better whether that mean by making up a high paid activity, far superior than his own and passing it as his own or laying down with numerous ladies. This consistent requirement for self console relates back to his adolescent years when he had no consideration paid to him by any means. Biff anyway persevered through the contrary effect, while having consideration on him continually as a youngster; he makes progress toward a real existence on his own where he can settle on his own choices. Willy cant force himself to fault for Happys determined sex drive and extravagance thus indeed overlooks his activities even in grown-up life, still completely centering of Biff and his future. Willys view of his past and his children life as little fellows is a long way from reality as Willy is unequipped for seeing anything he wouldn't like to and he in so enveloped with his own considerations and dreams. This anyway just puts more weight of Biff as he has and consistently will be in the spot light, continually being commended or scrutinized by his dad. As an adolescent Biff consistently needed to satisfy his dad. Biff: When I remove my head protector, that touchdown is for you Willy lost this solid relationship with Biff in the wake of being gotten with the lady. At the point when Biff got his dad with his courtesan, Biff lost all the confidence and regard he once had for Willy and lost the assurance he once had to accomplish throughout everyday life and make progress toward his objectives. Biff lost the will to intrigue his dad and faults Willys issue and exclusive standards for his disarray and absence of course in grown-up life. Biff: If I strike oil Ill keep in touch with you a check. Interim overlook Im alive This is the first run through Willy can perceive what he and his family have really become. All Willys life he had clung to his deepest desires of Biff and his fruitful future just to understand that it was very late and was in certainty never going to occur. Linda is all through the content pushed to the rear of Willys mind. Anyway she is the spine. Without Linda Willy would have lost self-will along time previously. Its lone when even Linda can't adapt any longer to Willy slow mental breakdown that Willy at long last acknowledges he has been off-base, this is the point at which he settles on his ultimate conclusion of ending it all. This is when Willy at last understands that even his past was not even as he had envisioned as long as he can remember which was the main thing that gave him the assurance to continue making progress toward his inconceivable dream.

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American values from jamestown Essay Example For Students

American qualities from jamestown Essay Before England could settle the New World, it required a Middle Class to finance private settlements and a millitary to secure those ventures. In spite of the fact that the Spanish had a multi year head start the English would thusly rule the New World. This was good to go moving by King Henry VIIIs Act of Supremacy. Lord Henry VIII parted from the Cathloc Church since he needed a separation. While leaving he held onto riches by taking 1/4 of the land. He gave the land to his supporters who turned into the white collar class. The nobles contradicted the siezing of land yet did nothin gright away. Accordingly the Act of Supremacy made the white collar class. The white collar class currently had cash to spend in the Europe. The Price Revolution had now begun. Due to this Spanish cash spread in Europe. Since individuals were bringing in cash wide spread expansion had begun. Presently European products became expensiveto english nobles. Nobles had no new world gold and didnt advantage from expansion. Since nobles were going belly up they asked Queen Elizabeth to raise the lease . The Queen later said No! This permitted the white collar class to got rich. The working class made mone by purchasing at early english cost. what's more, putting resources into Europe items. Nobles were attached to fix lands. The nobles chose to accomplish something. The nobles shut all their territory and this was called. The inclosure development. The nobles at that point fenced in the entirety of their property. There fore laborers had to look for new work an another life. The white collar class had a venture to the new world. One promblem was the spanish controlled the oceans. Britain contended with Spain for the oceans. Force hungry Prince Phillip II of Spain needed more. In a want to expand power he proposed to Queen Elizabeth. By and by the Queen said no. Insulted King Phillip sent his armada the Armada to assault England. Anyway the littler boats of England devastated the task force in 1588. Presently England had the ocean controll for the following 400 years.

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Harriet Jacobs s The On The Same Era Of American History

Two girls born into the same era of American history: despite their vast similarities, what makes these two independent and value-driven young women so different? Since they were living in the same country, many would think that their upbringings would be parallel. On the surface, the only differences between the two girls were their geographic location and their skin color, but during the nineteenth century these actually made a drastic difference in the every day lives of young women. The juxtaposition of the lifestyles of these two young women illuminate the differences which stem from factors such as family, work, education, and religion. These aspects of life were results of the experiences Harriet Jacobs faced as a Southern slave girl in contrast with Harriet Hanson Robinson’s presence in the industrial revolution as a mill girl in New England. Family is generally at the core of a person’s life, because they are the people who introduce you to the world and essent ially show you how to think. In the case of the two Harriet’s, experiences with their families differed due to day to day priorities as well as the amount of freedom each was granted to pursue personal interests. For example, Robinson and her mother moved to Lowell, Massachusetts after her father died, and upon their arrival they â€Å"were carried at once to [her] aunt’s house ... ; and the children were led into her kitchen, where, on the longest and whitest of tables, lay, oh, so many loaves of bread!†Show MoreRelatedFrederick Douglass And Harriet Jacobs : Two Humans Born Into Slavery1282 Words   |  6 PagesFrederick Douglass and Harriet Jacobs: two humans born into slavery. These characters had twistedly abusive masters, forcing them to live in the upmost inhumane way that none, of any era, deserve to endure. Douglass and Jacobs both had an intense passion to be free in a time when freedom depended on the mere color of skin. Their vision was to break the shackles of slavery, to be free, and live free. The vision did not only concern their freedom, but rather, the vision encompassed all fellow slavesRead MoreWomen s Rights And Abolitionist Movement Essay985 Words   |  4 Pagesnineteenth century men and women were not treated equally as they are now. Women did not have as much freedom as the men did and that caused a national movement. Not only were the women segregated from the men, but the discrimination against the African American race was a huge ordeal as well. With both movements combined, it led to a controversial development at that time. Not only were women fighting for equality, they were also fighting for the prejudice to end amongst the different races. The beginningRead MorePower Structure During The Era Of Slavery Essay2305 Words   |  10 PagesKaran Singh Chetri Dr. Subarno Chatterjee M.A. English (Final) Power Structure During the Era of Slavery Roaring fear of the state of slavery during the late eighteenth century was not that it displaced only millions of poor African people from their homeland to the united states, but also founded the business of black body as a commodity which was inhuman and was politically, culturally, and socially all together well upholded for the next coming hundred years. This paper shall firstRead MoreBibliographic Essay on African American History6221 Words   |  25 PagesBibliographic Essay on African American History Introduction In the essay â€Å"On the Evolution of Scholarship in Afro- American History† the eminent historian John Hope Franklin declared â€Å"Every generation has the opportunity to write its own history, and indeed it is obliged to do so.†1 The social and political revolutions of 1960s have made fulfilling such a responsibility less daunting than ever. Invaluable references, including Darlene Clark Hine, ed. Black Women inRead MoreHarriet Tubman Essay2304 Words   |  10 PagesHarriet Tubman By Blake Snider December 5, 2010 Professor J Arrieta Seminar Critical Inquiry Harriet Tubman is a woman of faith and dignity who saved many African American men and women through courage and love for God. One would ponder what would drive someone to bring upon pain and suffering to one’s self just to help others. Harriet Tubman was an African American women that took upon many roles during her time just as abolitionist, humanitarian, and a UnionRead MoreHow Slavery Can Affect The Mother s Mind And Threaten Motherhood3396 Words   |  14 Pagesa treacherous act that dehumanizes African-Americans. Whenever there are tragic stories to learn more about this type of institution and see what slaves really went through during the Antebellum Era, people mostly find it shown from African-American men with their experiences with slavery. For example, Solomon Northup in 12 Years a Slave, Jim in The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, Django in Django Unchained, Kunta Kinte in Roots: The Saga of an American Family, and the story of Nat Turner in hisRead MoreA People s History Of The United States Essay1818 Words   |  8 PagesFemale African Slave: In American colonial period, slavery also plays the important role because it displays the extreme actions of men dominance over women. Although there were white slaves existed in Europe and early America, the black slavery and its establishment in the society had brought crucial issues such as racial discrimination as well as gender discrimination. However, the existence of African slavery in American history has also encouraged and enlightened many women to support feminismRead MoreWomen s Movements During Post Revolution Ideals Of The World1864 Words   |  8 Pagesas a family’s place in society. These radical ideals though, did not transfer to the south, lower classes or slaves; these working classes found their place in factory work and slaves, especially slave women, held next to no rights at all. The American Revolution drastically altered the economic and political spheres of the new country, as â€Å"Republicanism† became one of the most talked about social constructs of a country harbored with â€Å"liberty and equality.† Republicanism had drastically differentRead MoreInformative Speech- Womens Rights Essay1776 Words   |  8 PagesHow did Womens Rights Movement come about? Women were not allowed to vote. They usually could not get higher education. Often, they could not get jobs, and when they did, they get paid less than men for for the same work. They could not own property, in many countries, including England. In some places, if they had money and got married, the money became the property of their husbands. The Womens Rights Movement started because they were sick of the unfairness. Womens rights are the rights andRead MoreThe Harlem Renaissance and Its Effect on African American Literature3258 Words   |  14 PagesThe Harlem Renaissance and its Eff ect on African American Literature Thesis: The literary movement during the Harlem Renaissance was a raging fire that brought about new life for the African American writer; its flame still burns today through the writings of contemporary African American writers. I. The Harlem Renaissance- Its Beginning and Development II. The Major Writers A. Claude McKay B. Jean Toomer C. Countee Cullen D. Langston Hughes E. Zora Neale Hurston III

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Plato s Ideas For Making Life - 977 Words

a. In Athens: 10 AD, it’s a compact place about a quarter of a million people live here there are a fine balls, theaters, temples, shopping malls, and gymnasiums. With the weather being warm for more than half the yeah it is the perfect place to be at the time. This is also home to the world s first true and probably greatest philosopher: Plato. He born into a prominent and wealthy family in the city and devoted his life to one goal: helping people to reach the state of Eudimonia (fulfillment). Plato is often confused with Socrates Socrates, he was an older friend whom taught Plato a lot, but didn t write any books. Plato wrote lots of them, 36 full dialogs beautifully crafted scripts of them imaginary discussions in which Socrates is always a lot to the starring role. Among them: The Republic, The Symposium, The Laws, The Meno and The Apology. Plato had four big ideas for making life more fulfilled. 1. Think More: We rarely give ourselves time to think carefully and logically about our lives and how to lead them while sometimes we just go along with popular opinions. In the 36 books he wrote, Plato showed this commonsense to be riddled with errors prejudice and superstition. Fame is great, follow your heart, money is the key to a good life, the problem is popular opinions edge us towards wrong values careers and relationships. Plato’s answer is Know Yourself. It means doing a special kind of therapy: Philosophy. Subjecting your ideas to examination rather than acting onShow MoreRelatedPlato, An Ancient Greek Philosopher1458 Words   |  6 Pages Plato, an Ancient Greek Philosopher by Carly Rittenmeyer Bible and the Ancient World Spring 2015 Plato, a Greek Philosopher, is known for his writings that impacted people in the Ancient Greek society. He was a free thinker and lived in a free city, Athens. He was taught by multiple teachers including Socrates who was frequently mentioned in his writings as the central character. Plato’s novel, The Republic, influenced the idea of government and showsRead MorePlato s Apology And The Apology1591 Words   |  7 PagesIn this paper I will discuss how Plato s Apology and Phaedo have difference ideas of what it means to be a philosopher. I will explain how in the Apology, the philosopher is wise in how he/she understand that they are wise because they know that they don t know, and in Phadeo the philosopher knowledgable and are concern in gaining more knowledge. In Plato s Apology we learn about Socrates life and who he really is. In platos Apology a philosopher is a wise person because he understands thatRead MoreSocrates : The Suicide Of Socrates1405 Words   |  6 Pagesthe theological doctrine. He also believed that knowing oneself can lead to better reasoning or choice making abilities will improve and that is when a person attains true happiness. According to Plato’s records, Socrates served in an armored infantry known as the hoplite . He served in three military campaigns, Delium, Amphipolis, and Potidaea during the Peloponnesian War, where he saved the life of Alcibiades, a popular Athenian general. Socrates’ first engagement was at Potidaea in 432 BC – a city-stateRead MoreComparing Plato s Republic, The Philosopher And Plato965 Words   |  4 PagesIn Plato s Republic, the philosopher is sitting having a discussion with his fellow peers and friends. During this conversation each character except Plato offers their opening and reasoning on the question, what is justice. For the majority of the book Plato outlines almost every aspect of his ideal city. Within this city Plato has set up many rules in order for the city to remain just. All the way from mating rituals to who should rule, virtually all factors have been thought of and serves a specificRead MoreTeens Making a Cause for Rebellion Essay1248 Words   |  5 Pages When you choose to classify teenagers in the 1950’s, whether by class or gender, each groups are different than one another but some individuals have the same struggle that can make them similar to each other. Each group, no matter how dissimilar they were in backgrounds and behavior, each contained the same struggle that they had to deal within that time. In the film Rebel Without a Cause, we are exposed to three different teens who each had a different struggle they were dealing with that unifiedRead MoreDifferences Between Plato s And Kant1184 Words   |  5 Pagesdifferences and similarities between Plato’s and Kant’s works. It is very apparent that both philosophers are speaking to the necessity of man developing personal ethics, but each thinker approaches this universal question using different principles. Plato uses Socrates’ dialogue to assess how one acquires wisdom through the acknowledgement of inherent ignorance. Kant evaluates the causes of people remaining in willful ignorance and the methods by which they can lift themselves out of such a state intoRead MorePlatos Influence on the Western Civilization950 Words   |  4 Pages Plato and His Relation to Western Civilization Plato is one of the succinct psychologists, analyst, and scholar the world has ever had. He is a lucrative figure in the birth, generation, and early development of the western civilization. His contributions through ethics, politics, religion, symposiums, and dialogues with Socrates exemplify a myriad of his works since he was a young scholar. He participated in a number of events, theoretical appearances, and analysis, and posting of theoriesRead MoreComparing Aristotle and Plato Essays1325 Words   |  6 PagesComparing Aristotle and Plato Aristotle argues that in order for a polis to emerge, a union between man and women must convene. Later a household must be introduced which unites with other households to form a village, villages come together to form city-states. This theory is Aristotle’s natural view that an individual can not be self sufficient Plato argues that, in order to achieve absolute justice, a city-state is needed. In The Republic, Plato builds around the idea of Philosopher RulersRead MorePlato s Theory Of The Forms1704 Words   |  7 Pages Plato’s Theory of the Forms Travis Meyer PHI 1090 Introduction to Philosophy 12/16/2015 Plato was a Greek philosopher, mathematician, and theologian who lived from 424 BC to 348 BC in Athens, Greece. Plato was born into a high class family in Greece and therefore was very active in the Athenian community since he was from a high status family. He was the founder of the Academy in Athens, the first institution of higher learning in the Western world. He is known to be one of the bestRead MorePlato s Theory Of Forms1556 Words   |  7 Pagescareful account of Plato’s theory of Forms as presented in the Phaedo. Plato has an idea that all ideas are merely abstract thoughts, and what we perceive with our senses is actually an imperfect version of these abstract thoughts. This is the basic idea of Plato’s theory of the Forms. To best illustrate the theory of the Forms to others, Plato explains his famous Allegory of the Cave. From the groundwork of the Forms, Plato goes on in Phaedo to argue the immortality of the soul. He intertwines

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A Brief Introduction on Big Data 5Vs Characteristics and Hadoop Techno

Question: Discuss about A Brief Introduction on Big Data 5Vs Characteristics and Hadoop Technology? Answer: Literature review Action Research The researcher has verified eight references and on the basis of that it is to be finalized to take Oracle as a Hadoop technology company for conversion into traditional and relational database. On the basis of some research paper the researcher has stated some detailed part of data analyst and Hadoop system technology. Oracle Data integration Overview Oracle data integration is a process of extracting, transforming and loading data to the targeted database. The processes apply the declarative design tool referred to as the Oracle Data Integrator preferable known as the ELT tool. The integration process is defined by the knowledge modules that focus on the technical implementation of the data. The tool has been the replacement to the Oracle Warehouse Builder (Greenwald, Stackowiak Stern, 2013). History of the company According to Boyd-Bowman (2012), Oracle Corporation has been in the front database, warehousing, and related data management technologies provider. Technologies have facilitated the creation of the middleware, big data and the cloud-related solutions in the recent time. ODI is a strategic data integration platform of Oracle that was released in July 2010. The application has the origin from the Oracle Synopsis that was acquired in October 2006. The ODI provided the easy to use and a better approach to satisfy the data integration requirements of the Oracle software products. Advantages of Oracle Data Integration The Oracle Data Integrator Enterprise Edition applications have an environment that enables the developers to have the focus to architecting interfaces that gets them have know-how on what developers are supposed to do and in which way. The feature gets the tremendous reduction in the development cost and the faster delivery of the module or application. The application guarantees high performance such that the Oracle Data Integrator can run very well on the Oracle Exadata that provides the most efficient and effective data integration platform. Oracle Data Integrator has a feature of heterogeneity that provides the capability and the flexibility of deploying the Oracle database implementation to any other database. It does not waste any resources during the implementation processes. The processes do boost the delivery of the project as the Oracle Data Integrator contains over 100 extensible data integrations. The Oracle Data Integrator provides some strong connections with the business intelligence, data warehousing, and the SOA technologies applied in the decoupling of the business applications and the transformation of large files of data (Oracle, 2011). Architecture of Oracle The Oracle architecture consists of two major parts of the Oracle Instance and the Oracle database (Kyte Kuhn, 2014). Oracle Instance defines the means of accessing the Oracle database by enabling one database to be opened at a time. The Oracle instance has the internal memory structures and background processes. The background processes may include the PMON, RECO, SMON, DBWO, LGWR, DOOO, CKPT, and others which are computer programs that perform the input and output functionalities to the Oracle Database. The processes extend the capability to monitor other prospective Oracle processes for the purposes of ensuring that the database is reliable and performs accordingly. The internal memory structure referred to as System Global Area (SGA) is allocated at any time the instance starts up and it goes hand in hand with the background process. The System Global Area (SGA) describes a shared memory region that contains the data and the control information for a single instance that is runn ing and it gets deallocated once the instance is shut down. There is another memory process Global Area (PGA) that is applied to a single process and cannot be shared amongst the processes. It contains the sort area, cursor state, stack space and the session information. The Oracle database of the Oracle architecture contains the files at times called an operating system file that does store the database information of an organization or a firm. The sampled files may be the redo logs files that are applicable during the recovery of the database, in any case, application program failure, and the instance failure. The archived redo logs files that are applied to recover the database in case of disk fail, parameter file for specifying the parameters used in the configuration of the Oracle instance when it starts. Also, the password file that is applied to special database users authentication and the alert and trace log files used to store the information about the errors and actions that affect the database configuration. Figure 1. Shows the Oracle Architecture (Source: Hu et al. 2014, pp-780) Internship responsibility The internship program will be undertaken with holding the position of the programmer analyst under the field of Oracle Data Integration. During the program, the job roles will have some designated roles, duties, and responsibilities. The job roles will get involved in the definition of the ETL architecture where the integration of data will be done. The integration will be made at the real time by batch processing to populate the Warehouse, and the job roles will employ the Oracle Data Integration Enterprise application. the job roles will be involved with the administration and management of the database where the job roles will be responsible for data modeling. The modeling includes the creation of the logical and physical models applicable for staging, transition and production of the warehouse. Also, the job roles will be responsible for undertaking data analysis, the designing and developing of the database environment. The job roles will apply the ODI Knowledge Modules of reverse engineering, loading, check, integration, and service to create interfaces that the job roles will apply to cleaning, loading and transforming data from data source to data targeted destination. Other than the above duties the job roles will create some scripts in UNIX to aid in data transformation also create the presentation catalogs; folders followed with the performance of Global Consistency Check in the Oracle Business Intelligence Administration Tool. Proposal Iteration 1: orientation and planning The first step that the job roles already experienced is the orientation of the company. In this iteration all the information about the company is known. HR Manager also discussed about the working hours and the job description. Initially, the job roles will be provided with all the softwares and books to learn Oracle. Basic concepts are taught by the lead employees and daily tasks are given to prove our caliber. This iteration mainly bothers about learning Oracle and gathering all the important information about Oracle. Another good thing in this iteration is that we attend the weekly meeting, seminars and taking small responsibilities to adjust to the work environment At the end, we must try to reach goals and objectives of the job responsibilities set by the HR Manager and Project Manager (M Sreedevi, personal communication, January 27, 2016). Finally, the ID card was issued by the manager and separate system in the office was allocated (M Sreedevi, personal communication, January 28, 2016). Iteration 2: Understanding of the Oracle concepts An advanced understanding of the oracle application needs an intensive training about 30 days which is my second iteration. During my training the job roles will undertake research about the Oracle data integration which will be accompanied by the reading of the books and journals. To supplement the content, the job roles will make consultations from the individuals who are already in the field for clarification of the ideas behind the concept. The training usually starts with history of Oracle followed by Oracle instance and Oracle data base (Y Venkat, personal communication, January 29, 2016). Iteration 3: Data Analysis and Requirement Definition The job roles will work hand in hand with the development team in analyzing the company data so as to have the determination of the requirements that will guide the development of the data warehouse for the company. During the iteration of data analysis and requirement definition, the job roles will undertake feasibility study of staff and the stake holders of the company so as to define the appropriate information that will describe their requirements. In the end, the job roles would have the knowledge to data analysis, field feasibility and overall determination of system requirements. Iteration 4: Database designing Upon identification of the requirements, the job roles will go ahead to design the database. The design will provide a prototype that will aid in the identification of redundancy within the database and provide the appropriate correctness. The designing process will help me the apply the appropriate ideas so as to go by providing some relational diagrams so as to ensure the whole system meets the requirements defined and goes by the standards of the company. The job roles will gain the experience of database designing that gives the view of the actual look of the final database system. The output will be applied as the guide to the follow-up iteration. Research paper Big data Hadoop Big data is about two basic things big data and analytics. The definition of big data is totally depends on the storage. There are also other mixture of big data namely data velocity and data variety. The three basic Vs of big data analytics is volume, variety and velocity. Hadoop system is a framework written on Java programming language as open source software. It is used for distributed processing and storage of very huge sets on clusters of computers. It was supported by Apache Software Foundation with an initial release on 2011. The below diagram is the ecosystem of Big data Hadoop system: Problem of implementation of Big Data Hadoop system Challenges Assessment of risk: In every multi-national company the technology of Hadoop results a very high risk. New and latest innovative tools result the technology spoof of risk management throughout the organization. Business real time analytics: There is a great mismatch between several businesses that where should they allocate the available resources. In most of the company data and business work very fast than employees. However, it becomes a bottleneck in some places as it is very useful technology. Proper rate of Interest: Big data Hadoop technology incurs a high overhead in almost all industry. The company had to maintain high rate of investment in future so that the investors and the stakeholders manipulates the company share. Potential for big data: The application of big data potential will soon be unlocked. In a definite way the company with a personal profile on any websites will interact with big data in a customized way. Need to transform into Hadoop As compared to traditional database Hadoop system include tolerant fault storage known as HDFS which is able to capture large amount of data and information incrementally and it has the capacity of survival into the storage. Additional features like volume, variety and velocity of data, timeliness, heterogeneous in nature, resistance of map reduction is available as compared to any traditional database management system. Reasons to overcome the problem of present data in traditional database system It is very important to collaborate with solution of digital advanced technology i.e., a customized system of technology with respect to big data Hadoop technology. By maintain and integrating database management system the organization allows getting accessible from different channel source. To appoint a highly qualified trained employee for maintaining big data Hadoop technology is very crucial for the company. As the technology lacks the personal interaction between different superior and subordinates it is very important to follow some guidelines which increases the rate of interest and reduce cost lie fixed and variable. Architecture of how to connect to the database The below is the diagrammatic view of how Hadoop system is connect to the traditional database system. Figure 2: Hadoop architecture (Source: Hu et al. 2014, pp-685) How to Sqoop the data in to the Hadoop distributed file system (HDFS) using Oracle Database Management System and various methods used Figure: 1 It implies adapters application of Hadoop. Figure 3: Oracle Hadoop Environment (Source: Chen, Mao Liu 2014, pp-265) Figure: 2 It addresses two knowledge modules called Movie which contain package, mappings, variables and scenario. The below database contains movies of data,genres movie, and cast movie. Figure 4: Steps of Hadoop technology into traditional relational database system (Source: Hu et al. 2014, pp-690) Figure: 3 In this module: (1) IKM SQL to Hadoop system using (Sqoop) are designed for import of data, (2) IKM SQL to Hadoop Hive system using (Sqoop) are based on large datasets, (3) Knowledge tasks module: (i) to generate script of sqoop, (ii) addition of execution to script of sqoop, (iii) to execute script of sqoop, (iv) to remove script of sqoop and (v) to remove file of logs. Figure 5: Steps of Hadoop technology into traditional relational database system (Source: Hu et al. 2014, pp-658) Figure: 4 In this figure knowledge module for the IKM SQL to HDFS (Sqoop) and the IKM SQL to HDFS Hive (Sqoop) is configured. Figure 6: Steps of Hadoop technology into traditional relational database system (Source: Hu et al. 2014, pp-658) Figure: 5 In this figure the module knowledge are documented and ODI variables thus increases the scalability and flexibility of knowledge module. Figure 7: Steps of Hadoop technology into traditional relational database system (Source: Mazumdar Dhar 2015, pp-503) Figure: 6 In figure 6, the presentation of mapping of ODI 12C structure of mapping, SQL to HDFS files with two basic instances of reused mapping, My_tv_shows and My_dramas for import of data from a pack of relational database tables into two different targets HDFS directories: Tv_shows and Dramas. Figure 8: Steps of Hadoop technology into traditional relational database system (Source: Mazumdar Dhar 2015, pp-520) Figure: 7 Figure 7 shows the condition of filter or the target of HDFS directory known as Tv_shows. Figure 9: Steps of Hadoop technology into traditional relational database system (Source: Mazumdar Dhar 2015, pp-515) Figure: 8 It reflects the reused ODI mapping, My_movies which is used by the 12C ODI (SQL to File Sqoop). This reused system of mapping use another components like joins, datasets, filters, and set of distinct sets. The components of filters data is done by movie year. Figure 10: Steps of Hadoop technology into traditional relational database system (Source: Chen, Mao Liu 2014, pp-358) Figure: 9 It illustrates the mapping of basic ODI with two specifications of deployment: the Incremental import and the Initial import. The above mentioned specifications of deployment use the IKM SQL to HDFS File (Sqoop) in datastores: Tv_shows and Dramas. Figure 11: Steps of Hadoop technology into traditional relational database system (Source: Mazumdar Dhar 2015, pp-621) Figure: 10 It reflects the specifications of deployment for the data stores called Tv_shows. It imports data in Overwrite mode and adding to the new dataset. (2) A variable named Var_Movie_Year has been used as a suffix name for the HDFS document and temperorary object name. Figure 12: Steps of Hadoop technology into traditional relational database system (Source: Mazumdar Dhar 2015, pp-256) Figure: 11 It also reflects the specifications of deployment for the data stores called Tv_shows. It imports data in Overwrite mode and adding to the new dataset. (2) A variable named Var_Movie_Year has been used as a suffix name for the HDFS document and temperorary object name. Figure 13: Steps of Hadoop technology into traditional relational database system (Source: Mazumdar Dhar 2015, pp-645) Figure: 12 It shows two parallel executions that can be implemented and designed by selecting data stores and by addressing those data stores from outside of group execution. This action will normally create another unit execution of the selected data stores in the same unit group execution. Figure 14: Steps of Hadoop technology into traditional relational database system (Source: Chen, Mao Liu 2014, pp-525) Figure: 13 It shows the Initial deployment specification for HDFS directories, Tv_shows, and Dramas. In this context, the sets of importing Sqoop will reduce the time of loading the data from the relational database into directories of HDFS directories. Figure 15: Steps of Hadoop technology into traditional relational database system (Source: Chen, Mao Liu 2014, pp-458) Figure: 14 It shows the log of sessions for the deployment of Initial Import specification. The units of two executions are Drama and Tv Shows were located parallel. Figure 16: Steps of Hadoop technology into traditional relational database system (Source: Chen, Mao Liu 2014, pp-215) Figure: 15 It explains the ODI package design known as Pkg_Sql_To_HDFS_File_Initial. The initial package and executions scenario is parallel to Sql to HDFS file. Figure 17: Steps of Hadoop technology into traditional relational database system (Source: Chen, Mao Liu 2014, pp-608) Figure: 16 It illustrates the operator of ODI with three basic scenarios. The actual package has already completed its execution except running status scenario. The below diagram will explain the data sets. Figure 18: Steps of Hadoop technology into traditional relational database system (Source: Chen, Mao Liu 2014, pp-589) Figure: 17 In figure 17, the levels of parallelism with ODI and Sqoop are indentified. The diagram is divided into three levels. In level 1, the package of ODI is used to launch mapping of ODI in parallel. In level 2, the parallel session is designed for Sqoop mapping with more than one Hive table and HDFS table. In level 3, The mappers of Sqoop can be implemented and used to import data sets in parallel. Figure 19: Steps of Hadoop technology into traditional relational database system (Source: Chen, Mao Liu 2014, pp-525) Figure: 18 In figure 18, it shows an illustration of configuration of physical schema to File technology. The file type move_file is used to represent the directory of HDFS in Sqoop module knowledge. Figure 20: Steps of Hadoop technology into traditional relational database system (Source: Chen, Mao Liu 2014, pp-548) Figure: 19 It configures the system of physical schema to HIVE technology. The schema directory of Movie_demo is HIVE database where the target is physically located. Figure 21: Steps of Hadoop technology into traditional relational database system (Source: Chen, Mao Liu 2014, pp-514) Figure: 20 The below example shows the steps of configuration of Sqoop module knowledge in a mapping of 12C ODI: Figure 22: Steps of Hadoop technology into traditional relational database system (Source: Chen, Mao Liu 2014, pp-548) Figure: 21 Figure 21 reflects the module of load knowledge option by selecting FILTER_AP option. Figure 23: Steps of Hadoop technology into traditional relational database system (Source: Chen, Mao Liu 2014, pp-210) Figure: 22 It shows the window which reflects the properties of data store target known as Tv_shows. The module knowledge option in data store is IKM SQL to HDFS file system (Sqoop). Figure 24: Steps of Hadoop technology into traditional relational database system (Source: Chen, Mao Liu 2014, pp-526) Figure: 23 In this figure the technology used in SQL is Oracle and the schema which is logical is known as Movie demo. Figure 25: Steps of Hadoop technology into traditional relational database system (Source: Chen, Mao Liu 2014, pp-256) Figure: 24 It shows the example of area box staging and enhances the module knowledge by selecting the target box area. Figure 26: Steps of Hadoop technology into traditional relational database system (Source: Chen, Mao Liu 2014, pp-512) Figure: 25 In this figure, using the target property area the integration of Sqoop strategy is import. Figure 27: Steps of Hadoop technology into traditional relational database system (Source: Chen, Mao Liu 2014, pp-203) Figure 28: Steps of Hadoop technology into traditional relational database system (Source: Chen, Mao Liu 2014, pp-550) The researcher will make the reader understand by mentioning the following steps: Prepare the input Map (). Run the provider user Map () code. Shuffle the output of the map code. Run the provider user Reduce () code. Produce the result output. Master slave architecture Master slave architecture is a communication model protocol where the process has uni directional over control of more than one system. Figure 29: Steps of Hadoop technology into traditional relational database system (Source: Chen, Mao Liu 2014, pp-874) Various tools for map reducing technique for both structured and unstructured real time streaming data Tracker of job: The node master that integrates resources in a cluster. Trackers of task: The deployed agents of cluster in each machine to reduce the task and to run the map. Server job history: The tracking components are deployed with a separate function or with job tracker. Use of Hcatalog, Storm, Hive mechanism and Mahout technology. Conclusion This is to conclude that the system of Big data Hadoop technology has improved several technological factor of company. 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